Atlassian Software License Agreement

(c) The use of support services, if any, is subject to Good Software policies and programs, described in each user manual, online documentation and/or other material provided by good software. Any additional software code made available to you as part of the support services is considered to be part of the products and is subject to the terms of this SALLE. 13.4. Effects of dismissal. After the end or end of the agreement, your license expires for the software (even if the validity of the license is “unlimited” or if your order does not indicate an expiration date) and you must stop using and deleting all confidential software and information or other Atlassian hardware in your possession (or return them at our request). You will confirm this deletion at our request. If you terminate this contract pursuant to Section 13.2 (Case Termination), Atlassian will reimburse you for all software fees paid in advance to cover the remainder of the current licence`s validity period after the effective date of the termination. If this contract is terminated by Atlassian pursuant to Section 13.2 (Failure of Cause), you pay all unpaid fees covering the remainder of the current licence`s validity period after the effective date of the termination. Under no circumstances will a termination exempt you from the obligation to pay the taxes payable to Atlassian for the period prior to the effective date of the termination. Unless an exclusive remedy can be indicated in this Agreement, the exercise of an appeal by one of the parties, including termination, will not affect, by law or by any other means, any other remedies it may have under this Agreement. Apart from that, as stated in sections 19 and 20 below, products are provided on a “as we will see” and “as available” basis, without guarantee, express or implied, of any nature or nature, including, but not limited to, guarantees of performance, availability, adequacy to a particular purpose or title. They may have other legal rights, but the duration of legal guarantees, if any, is limited to the shortest period allowed by law.

Good Software is not responsible for delays, outages, service outages and other problems related to the use of the Internet and electronic communications or other systems outside of good Software`s proper control. To the extent permitted by law, Good Software takes no guarantee, guarantee or guarantee that:a) the use of the products is safe, in a timely manner, without interruption or error; (b) products work in combination with other hardware, software, systems or data; (c) products meet their requirements or expectations; (d) that all stored data is correct or reliable or that stored data is not lost or damaged; (e) errors or defects are corrected; or (f) products (or all servers providing a hosted service) are free of viruses or other harmful components. (c) Unless authorized by this CLU, you may (i) create, decompilate, decompilate, disassemble, cut, modify, modify, modify, lease, lend, license, sub-conced, copy works made and derived from products, distribute them, or grant access to all or part of the products to unauthorized users; (ii) use products for the benefit of third parties, (iii) integrate products into a product or service that you provide to a third party, (iv) interfere with a licensing key mechanism in the products or otherwise circumvent mechanisms in products to limit your use, (v) remove or conceal any mention of ownership on authorized products or copies of products, or (vi) publicly disseminate information about product performance calibration. 21 third-party products.

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