Enterprise Bargaining Agreement Queensland Teachers

Of those eligible to vote, 94.7% of diocesan school staff and 93.2% of staff in schools of the Religious Institute/Public Jurists voted in favour of these agreements. On Monday, September 2, Together and QTU received a revised bargaining offer from TAFE Queensland. This agreement applies to workers employed in schools who are part of: This conference approves an agreement in principle with the Ministry of Education on the basis of the ministry`s offer of June 28, 2019. However, teachers will not receive their 2.5% increase until July 1. The QTU wrote to Palaszczuk on Friday asking for urgent clarification on the proposed policy and how it will apply to all aspects of its enterprise agreement. www.together.org.au/news/member-emails/your-tafe-admin-agreement-has-been-certified/ Following the government`s announcement of a new stimulus package this week, Richardson suggested that teachers` pay, which they deserved, would allow them to spend more than they deserve. Union Vice-President Cresta Richardson said Queensland teachers had shown exceptional resilience and adaptability during the pandemic, as they had to deliver courses in different ways and under pressure. On Friday, September 27, 2019, TAFE Queensland presented members with a new offer in line with the Queensland government`s amended wage policy – 2.5% plus a one-time payment of $1,250. The payment of USD 1250 is taxed and paid on a pro-rata basis. We have continued EB`s negotiations with TAFE and we now want to raise wages and improve conditions. You can see here TAFE`s position on our claims and QTU requirements for educators.

In recent weeks, the government has appointed the director general of the Prime Minister`s Ministry and Cabinet for three years on the same annual package of $750,000, the Palaszczuk office said it was in compliance with the freeze. Two other CEOs have also been transferred to new positions without changes to their remuneration or five-year contracts, while the Remuneration Tribunal will allow MPs to present unselected allowances for the 2020-21 election year. Catholic Employing Authorities Single Enterprise Collective Agreement – Diocesan Schools of Queensland 2019-2023 (proposed EA) Annexure H – Greenkeeping Industry Award – State Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk agreed in April to a public service pay freeze amid similar measures taken by other governments and a tabloid campaign The Courier-Mail.

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