Fortinet Support Agreement

FortiCare device-based support is the foundation of support services and provides firmware updates, technical support and basic FortiGuard subscriptions for dynamic policies. Two levels are available: 24×7 and Advanced Support Engineer (ASE). ASE offers a higher ticketing service for faster launches and ticket resolution. 24×7 FortiCare covers you 24 hours a day, whenever you need technical support. It includes web support, chat and phone for our global team. The replacement of the equipment is sent the next day of the shipment before returning the original device. Foundational FortiGuard subscriptions to dynamic policies are included. This level of support provides a designated technician who speaks with the availability of Derteam and Security Fabric, allowing you to get faster solutions and instructions for your team. Take advantage of training, points of service and top ticket SLAs to better activate your services.

The details here. Space is precious in the computational center and spare parts can be lost in a distributed business. This support provides within four hours a replacement device at your location, allowing a technician to physically install the device, update the firmware and set up network management for your remote team. Geographical restrictions apply. FortiCare Four-hour Parts with Engineer offers a quick solution to hardware problems without the need to build a foreign service team. Fortinet quickly delivers the replacement device to the customer`s location, physically replaces it and makes it accessible to your team remotely to continue the recovery process. Fortinet knows how to equip and work with end customers with partners. This level of assistance focuses on training the partner deployment team, assisting with logistics and working with a FortiCare support technician. Details Advanced Support Engineering (ASE) allows the service provider to individually allocate the costs of a higher level of support to a single device or service contract. You can launch a new level of service in the market or be eligible for other opportunities.

These advanced services complement Device FortiCare by providing a specific support technician and logistics support, as well as training and flexible service points. Our team gets to know your processes and deployment and shares your knowledge, leading to better processes and faster restorations. There are two programs: Enterprise – Service Provider. We know that you want to start quickly and that sometimes all you need is additional resources. Fortinet Professional Services brings technical experts to your project, staff or other initiatives that plan remotely or in the field. Small and medium-sized business owners (SMOs) need continuous coverage at a reasonable price in order to keep the business in operation for any critical customer transaction. Businesses continue to focus on maintaining their operations and, at the same time, managing various risks that affect the business. Simplicity and operational expenses are accompanied by an agreement to support the company. This program allows companies to have a flat contract at a reduced price for their security fabric, allowing automatic registration and consistent permissions for all devices.

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