Lightyear Option Agreement

Over the past nine months, we have focused heavily on developing partnerships and helping businesses in the field of integration around the world. Now that the network is gaining traction, it is clearly possible to continue to connect anchor, provide services and support to new and existing partners, develop tools and applications that facilitate integration and provide functionality above the low-level Stellar protocol. There are many opportunities/demands to facilitate network integration and operation for anchors and other businesses in general. This is not only a business opportunity, but it will also significantly accelerate network acceptance, increase the overall benefits of the Stellar network and be generally very beneficial to the ecosystem. Lightyear will continue the partnership work started by SDF. It will focus on cooperation with new and existing partners, assist in implementation and develop products and services in addition to the Stellar network. The course of Stellar`s adoption is accelerating and Lightyear will push it even further. The Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) was established for two main purposes. The first is to design and develop the Stellar protocol and create an open source reference implementation that forms the backbone of the Stellar network. The SDF provides governance, structure and resources to develop the protocol and maintain the baseline implementation. The second objective is to distribute the initial supply of lumen as much as possible to the companies and individuals who create the Stellar ecosystem and to promote and promote the adoption of the Stellar protocol.

86. Below is the contact information for our data protection delegate. Address: The Lightyear Corporation, Unit 2, Concourse 2, Catalyst, Queens Road, Belfast BT3 9DT, United Kingdom E-mail: 80. At each step, you can request a download of the documents that Lightyear stores on your behalf and that light has received as part of the service`s provision. We may retain your data if necessary in order to comply with a legal obligation to settle disputes and enforce our agreements. If you transfer your documents, it does not exempt you from the obligation to pay us for the services we have provided to you. The Buy/Sell Option Agreement provides that each shareholder (and its rights holders, such as proxies or executors in the event of death) has an option to sell its shares at market value in a closing event to ongoing shareholders in order to manage the transaction. Similarly, the prosecution of shareholders in the event of a termination event, such as death or permanent incapacity to work, will benefit from an appeal option. Funds for the payment of the terminated shareholder are life and permanent disability insurance and, in some cases, traumatic insurance. A pre-order does not require you to purchase a Lightyear One, it serves as a sales right. A final sales contract is offered just before delivery.

As an investor, you will join a much-loved group of ambassadors, invite you to exclusive member meetings and be welcome to speak out on the future of clean mobility.

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