Psac Collective Agreement Expires

Training Follow us for special online training on different aspects of the new collective agreement. Collective agreements will not be updated until they formally enter into force, after both parties have “signed” the document in question. Archived collective agreements are listed in alphabetical order according to the professional group code. When THE PSAC negotiates collective agreements with “separate employers,” these contracts are also taken into account. Can`t find the archived collective agreement you`re looking for? Look for older versions of archived collective agreements. You do your best in your workplace and your family every day. We have gone into these negotiations to reach a central agreement that recognizes and supports it – and we have achieved results. Bargaining Partners: UNIFOR Collective Agreement Expiry Date: June 30, 2022 Dispute Resolution Mechanism: Arbitration: Federal Government Shipyard Trade and Labour Council (Esquimalt) (West) (FGDTLC (W)) Collective Agreement Expiry Date: 30. January, 2023 Dispute Resolution Mechanism: Arbitration Groups AV, NR, RE, SH, SP, NRC (LS, IR, RO-RCO, TR), CRA (AFS), OSFI, CNSC (NUREG), NEB and NFB have negotiated and ratified new collective agreements.

Some groups continue their important work at the negotiating table. We stand in solidarity for a fair deal for every PIPSC member. Copies of current collective agreements for USJE members can be viewed by clicking on the specific bargaining group below. Most of our members are covered by negotiated agreements between the Treasury Board and our negotiating partner, the Public Service Alliance of Canada. PSAC combines similar classification groups. The following lists indicate which classifications belong to a particular group. Please note that the Board of Directors moves away from the “Table” nomenclature and identifies employees as members of the group. . The information on this site refers to public service employees for whom the Treasury Board is the employer. On November 18, 2019, the new Extended Parental Leave Allowance and the additional joint weeks available under Employment Insurance (PQP) will be implemented. . We are celebrating great victories at the central negotiating table! Download below materials to promote the ratification campaign do Better in your workplace: .

. . We expect that by the end of 2019, a large number of members will receive their salary increases. Once this process is complete, your employer will be able to begin calculating and distributing retro treatment in the coming weeks and months. You can consult the frequently asked questions – collective bargaining in headquarters and definitions for more information on collective bargaining in the core public administration. . Program and Administration Services (PA) Group: AS, CM, CR, DA, IS, OE, PM, ST, WP: Operational Services (SV) Group: FR, HP, HS, GL, GS, LI, SC, PR-S: Education library and Science (EB) Group: ED, EU, LS: . .

Technical Services (TC) Group: DD, EG, GT, PI, PY, TI:.

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