Rebate Agreement In Sap

Type of contract 0002 (material discounts) This type of agreement allows conditions for a flower/single piece and uses a calculation based on quantities. The customer is the payer. For discount types, we assume “delimitation keys” and “account keys.” The demarcation key (URE) allows the system to reserve deductions from each applicable invoice on the corresponding in-kind accounts. Discounts are not paid until after the validity period of the rebate contract has expired. Thus, the system tracks all billing documents (bills, credits and invoices) that are relevant to the processing of discounts in SAP SD. The system automatically reserves demarcations. By creating limits, you`ll get an overview of the cumulative value of the discount. Note: If it is a customer discount, the condition rate is maintained for the payer. Configuration-4: Group condition type. The package group indicates the types of discounts to use for the discount agreement.

To set up this guy, go ahead; Before using discount agreements, it is necessary to prepare an SAP system with several customization parameters. Here are these conditions: 1) In discount agreement We have retained the scales and to delineate the maximum scale for delimiting. To create a conditional rate for a discount agreement: The criteria of the discount (customer, debtor and equipment, etc.) When the final tally of a rebate contract is completed, the SAP system automatically calculates the discount based on revenue statistics and flat-rate discounts (if any). In addition, discounts previously paid to this customer will be deducted. Then the system creates a credit requirement that can be shared by users and used to get the final credit. Final billing of discount agreements can be done manually, automatically or with batch processing (in the background). You should then refer to billing material. The system uses this material when you pay the discount.

It doesn`t matter what type of material – the type of carpet application you use. When you create the cond recording with the discount agreement, you will automatically be asked to enter the “No Compensation Material” material. Discount based on group of materials: In a standard system, four types of discounts are available. They are: Customer discount: It allows condition rates only on the basis of the flowor and uses a percentage calculation. Thus, we can establish partial counts until the total amount of the rebate is paid to the customer. BO01 – Debitor/Material or Debitor/Discountgruppe – % Discount BO02 – Debitor/Material – BO03-dependent quantity – Debitor – % DISCOUNT BO04 – Debtor Hierarchy – % BO05 Discounts – Hierarchie/Material – % Promo BO06 – Vertriebsvol. Independent path: SPRO-Sales and distributions-treatment-discount-agreements define the types of contracts. Different validity time: When we check this field, the validity of the delivery file may differ from the validity of the delivery contract. Create discount agreements: VBO1 Easy Access Logistics- SD- Master Data- Agreements- Rebate Agreements- Create Agreement type: 0002 – press enter.

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