Research Agreement Satellites Civ 6

51The U.S. position vis-à-vis China is related to questions about possible military applications of its manned space program. But in the last 50 years of space, reconnaissance satellites have proven to be far more effective than manned missions in the military use of space. Anyway, it seems reasonable to think that Chinese money spent on peaceful efforts in space, such as participating in the International Space Station project and perhaps joint missions to the Moon and March, is not money that is not spent on military use of space46. 47 establish China`s own manned space system and conduct manned scientific research and space technological experiments to some extent; and 37 – set up an Earth observation system for long-term stable exploitation. Weather satellites, resource satellites, ocean satellites and disaster monitoring satellites can be designed to become an Earth observation system for long-term stable exploitation, to perform stereoscopic observations and dynamic monitoring of the country`s enoscopic terrestrial, atmospheric and oceanic environments, peripheral regions and even the world; 54 For remote sensing satellites, successors have a higher resolution of images in spectral bands and a longer lifespan. China can use them to study natural resources, monitor desertification and long-term estimates of crop and yield growth, monitor disasters and pollution, invent and evaluate project sites, urban planning, surveying and mapping. In the field of microgravity, CASC will use newly unlockable satellites to conduct experiments in space research, space equipment and new technologies, as well as in the space environment51. 53Sodization series launched by China will be used in direct transmission, high-capacity communications, weather and oceanographic observations, navigation and positioning, disaster preparedness and seed breeding. CASC has proposed five satellite series, including searchable satellites.

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