Widespread Agreement

For each group or organization to function effectively, it must be able to make good decisions. Consensus decision-making is the first book that provides groups (and group mediators) with a clear and effective way to reach a comprehensive agreement, while promoting full participation and genuine cooperation. “Tim Hartnett`s book is a unique point of contact for effective cooperation. It offers a simple and skilful seven-step process to help people with different perspectives and experiences agree on results and implementation. This book is in the top 10 instructions and filing cabinets of my library. — Laurie McCann, University of California Santa Cruz Campus OmbudsmanBelow are possible answers for the Note Widespread Agreement crossword puzzles. If you still haven`t solved the crossword warning, then why not browse our database looking for letters you already have! Tim Hartnett, Ph.D. is a group agent, mediator and family therapist. Tim received his Ph.D. in psychology and studied divorce family families. He taught group processes at the John F.

Kennedy School. It combined best practices in the areas of professional facilitation, conflict resolution and non-violent communication to develop CODM, a model that can help each group find the across-the-board convergence they need to work well together. Dr. Hartnett`s book shows that consensus is both an art and a science. It is a plan for the creation of a legitimate democracy. – Kris Jacobs, Executive Director, JOBS NOW Coalition . . “I very much appreciated the fact that author Tim Hartnett uses his in-depth understanding and experience to present the reader with a truly integrative decision model. This book is an excellent introduction to the consensus process, a valuable resource book for groups that are already practicing consensus and want to become more effective, and a practical tool for professional moderators.

The content is well organized and comprehensive, and the reader can`t help but draw inspiration from Harnett`s passion for his subject. ” – Adam Wolpert, co-founder of the Western Centre for Arts and Cology . . . Tim Hartnett, PhD, is a group mediator and mediator who combines an in-depth knowledge of non-violent communication, an instructive understanding of group dynamics and effective conflict resolution techniques. . “In consensual decision-making, Tim Hartnett provided a practical but imaginative basis for how to approach group decision in an inclusive manner. Tim emphasizes the importance of participation and efficiency in decision-making, both potentially conflicting objectives, both of which are creatively and effectively addressed by the CODM approach. For all those who organize, guide, facilitate or participate in an important group decision-making process, this book is a valuable resource. ” – Bernie Mayer, Professor, Werner Institute for Negotiation and Decision Making, Creighton University, author of Dynamics of Conflict Resolution, Beyond Neutrality and Staying With Conflict ” Tim Hartnett has developed a practical, balanced and accessible guide to help groups make decisions in a timely and effective manner, with processes designed to maximize participation and ownership. It is a book that all moderators will find useful, regardless of their experience, their customer profile or their approach to their profession.

” – John Butcher, Associate President of Planning Inc., Ottawa, and former Canadian Regional Delegate to the Board of Directors of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) Businesses, government, non-profit organizations, social and local organizations can all benefit from consensual decision-making processes.

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