Accenture Services Agreement

Jonathan Mahapa Accenture – 27 11 208 3947 When purchasing these products and services, The supplier must comply: If the supplier has a refund, credit, rebate or other discount for goods or services paid by New Century and/or authorized recipients on the basis of overs includes overspends or out-of-pocket expenses, the supplier (i) must notify the Supplier of this refund, credit, account or rebate and (ii) immediately pay the full refund, credit, account or discount to Newur Centy or such a legitimate recipient. To the extent that this unauthorized disclosure or unauthorized access is due to a breach of the obligations of the supplier or supplier`s staff arising from this contract, the supplier (A) bears the costs incurred by the supplier in carrying out its legal obligations related to this violation and (B) in addition to all other damages for which the supplier may be liable under this agreement: the following costs incurred by New Century or the legitimate beneficiary for the performance of its legal obligations related to such a violation, including the applicable volume, (1) the disclosure costs of the persons concerned, (2) notification fees to government agencies, credit bureaus and/or other necessary entities; (3) the cost of providing credit monitoring services for a fixed period of no more than twelve (12 months) ( 4) call center support for such affected individuals for a specific period not exceed thirty (30) days, and (5) the cost of any other required measures as applicable law. In addition, the provider will provide new Century and eligible recipients (or, when choosing New Century), a copy of these third-party documents (including source code to the extent that it was available to the Supplier) and related documentation, and will result in this, its support and other services still available to New Century and eligible recipients (or when choosing New Century).

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