Schedule A Cupe Collective Agreement

7.1 When a situation (for example. B added/cancelled events, added/cancelled programs, modified operating hours) must occur, resulting in the addition/reduction of hours during a seasonal schedule, then those hours are added/deducted from the corresponding positions up to the remaining duration of the schedule without the job signing. 5.7 Staff are assigned a specific day and time to register/register for their position. You can register in person, by phone or by registration in a copy of the seasonal calendar, indicating their job preferences (in order of priority), including a sufficient choice to cover the number of employees who would precede them in office. Officers who are on leave at the time of signing the position must enter into written agreements with their supervisor prior to their leave or apply 5.8. 7.3 If services operate on the seasonal schedule during general public holidays under section 13 of the collective agreement, officers will have the opportunity to manage the position under section 12.6 (b) (b) (b). 5.2 When ponds are operated on general holidays in the calendar of seasons, the schedule is changed in accordance with item 7.3. 1.1 “post” means a person`s daily work program 1.2 “weekly hours” means a pattern of daily shifts in a week according to a seasonal schedule. 1.3 “seasonal calendar” refers to a calendar of two weeks to four months. 1.4 The “intermediate plan” refers to an interruption of the permanent seasonal calendar between seasons (i.e. the Christmas break) 1.5 Program staff: 2.5 “casual worker” refers to a worker who is not regularly destined to work, except when that worker gives birth to native workers or has a temporary heavier workload.

In addition to the above, casual workers can also be employed on a seasonal basis. 5.5 In order to minimize the need for rolling drawings, supervisory authorities will endeavour to develop seasonal schedules. This will vary from sector to sector depending on the needs of the business. 5.10 In the case of an interim plan, it may be possible for staff not to sign a position if operational requirements can still be met. 4.2 Employees, who are consciously expected to “return to work” during a seasonal schedule, are involved in the team setting-up process for each season. 6.1 The parties agree that the consistency of staff in the areas of the program within the meaning of paragraph 1.5 of this agreement is customer service and differs positively for staff and the city in general.

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