Sprinkler Kerala Government Agreement

The confirmation letters exchanged by the Kerala IT department were published by the Kerala government. The Kerala government won the High Court on Thursday on the grounds that it had strong data protection clauses. The government reiterated that no sensitive information would be collected. The Kerala government has denounced the agreement reached with the American technology company Sprinklr on the collection and management of health data of Covid 19 patients and isolated patients in the state. And the problem must be resolved in the “shortest possible time.” The government said that any tender would have taken time. Even the pre-qualification criteria would have taken two weeks to determine. “Even a day late would have been fatal.” In addition, it was found that criminal action could be taken in the event of a breach of contract, as the agreement falls within the scope of the Information Technology Act. It was argued that in the event of a violation, it was open to the public, whose data had been collected, and to the government, to take action in India. Scary forecasts until mid-March was one of the reasons. On 16 March, when the death toll in Kerala exceeded 6,600 worldwide, the crisis management group found out. So far, explosive figures have been published in various study reports around the world.

The State Government informed the court that the National Centre for imaging technology development (C-DIT) would now manage Covid-19 patient data. This is done in an informed way for the people concerned. The government has stated that the choice of jurisdiction, at New York Courts, is a standard form of contract for companies such as Sprinklr based in the United States. “The government has negotiated a very viable agreement that guarantees both the legal and technical security of the data collected and processed,” he said. To reaffirm its transparency, the government also published documents relating to the contract it signed with Sprinklr on 2 April. Documents include the order form, a service agreement, the company`s privacy policy and a confidentiality agreement.

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