Directv Customer Agreement

Do you need a DIRECTV phone number to talk to a professional? Call 1-800-531-5000 from 8.m to 12 noon.m ET for general directv customer service and 24/7 technical support. Call 1-800-779-4388 for hearing-impaired after-sales service.* DIRECTV may allow you to connect to and access it with devices, products, services, websites, ads and content of third parties such as other advertisers, publishers, suppliers and device manufacturers (together “Third Party Services”) BUT THEIR USE OF THIRD PARTY SERVICES IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND DISCRETION. Although DIRECTV may offer you the opportunity to connect to or access third-party services, acknowledge and agree that DIRECTV has no control over third-party services, is not responsible for third-party services, and does not provide any after-sales service, repair, or other assistance for third-party services. You also acknowledge and agree that your use of third party services is governed by separate terms of use set forth by such third parties, including their privacy policies. DIRECTV does not provide any guarantee or guarantee as to the security or quality of third party services. DIRECTV does not review, monitor, represent, support, warrant or assume any responsibility for the services of third parties. DIRECTV reserves the right to restrict or deny access to third party services at its discretion. DIRECTV assumes no responsibility to you as a result of your connection, access or use (or abuse) of the services of third parties and is in no way responsible for them. DIRECTV is not responsible for any damages or losses resulting from or related to your connection, access or use of third party services. For after-sales service, repairs, questions and other support regarding third-party services, you should contact the third-party service provider. The Software is granted to you solely for use under the terms of this License Agreement, is not sold to you, DIRECTV does not transfer any ownership or ownership rights in the Software to you and DIRECTV and its suppliers reserve all rights not expressly granted to you. Except as noted above, this license agreement does not grant you any intellectual property rights in the software. To try it out, ask your customer service agent if Genie 2 is available near you.

You confirm that you have provided us with your credit or debit card information and that they have the authority to authorize the charge of the card. You will understand that your receipt and use of the Service and/or Equipment may charge you fees and charges for early termination and/or return costs of the leased equipment (as set forth in any lease, programming or other service commitment agreement you have entered into; we refer to the programming obligation as the “programming obligation”).

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