Microsoft Partner Agreement Renewal

All CSP partners must accept the Microsoft Partner Agreement to ensure that their ability to place orders for new or existing customers under the CSP program is not disrupted. After reviewing the terms with the legal team and management, it is the CSP client`s global administrator who accepts the agreement in the partner center. The agreement will be available for preview from July 31. From September 01, the CPMP partners will be able to accept the agreement. Indirect resellers must accept Microsoft`s partnership agreement when they sign up for the Partner Center dashboard to access CSP customers. If you want to renew your skills, you will see in the Partner Center that your requirements have been met. To obtain renewal, you must pay your competency fee in your renewal window on the Membership Offers page. All Cloud Solution Provider partners (including indirect vendors, indirect resellers, and direct billing partners) can sign the MPA online in the Partner Center. Direct and indirect billing partners active in the government cloud can also sign the MPA in the Partner Center. Microsoft integrates several different agreements into a new, simple and unique agreement. The new agreement aims to build trust between partners, customers, and Microsoft and build trust between partners, customers, and Microsoft by providing a greater degree of transparency and compliant business practices. The new agreement aims to improve data protection, security and compliance requirements and to clarify and strengthen the rights and obligations of partners in response to regulatory requirements.

In principle, Microsoft is moving from a number of different agreements to a new agreement, while updating them for new and future rules, as well as for data protection and compliance laws. Microsoft strives to provide our partners with the best experiences and we hope this checklist will be helpful. More detailed instructions on the Partner Center can be found on the Partner Center support page. If you need help, contact our support team using the chat agent on or by calling 1-800 MPN-SOLV. You must provide an official company email address linked to the company`s registered legal name and the company address that you will integrate into the Partner Center as an indirect reseller….

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