Nhs Bsa Framework Agreement

The Medicines Management Prescribing Decision Support System Framework provides a compliant way to access a computerized system to improve the efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness of drug prescribing. This framework offers a potential savings of 24%. The Insourcing of Clinical Services Framework supports the use of insourcing across the NHS to ensure additional clinical capacity to meet growing demand. This short- and medium-term solution allows trusts to maintain internal capacity planning and ensure that patients can be seen inside the trust. This framework offers up to 20% savings compared to the tariff. The endosurgery and women`s Health Framework includes women`s health and laparoscopic instruments. The majority of suppliers offer savings in their ranges. This framework offers a potential savings of 2%. The Clinical Managed Services Framework provides comprehensive coverage in the area of management service delivery. The framework includes diagnostics, diagnostic imaging, kidney laboratories, catheters, decontamination and maintenance services. The endoscope (flexible and rigid) and the Decontamination Products Framework cover flexible and rigid endoscopes; hysterscope wraps camera systems, decontamination products and maintenance as well as management service commissions. This framework offers a potential savings of 5 to 10%.

The Point of Care Testing: Drugs of Abuse Framework is a multi-lot framework agreement that covers products and services related to drug and alcohol testing. It allows clients to test patient/donor urine, oral fluid and hair samples for the presence of “classic” abusive drugs, new psychoactive substances (NPS / “Legal Highs”) and/or alcohol. This framework offers a savings potential of 5%+. The Electric Vehicle Charging Points (CPMI) Framework includes the supply, supply, installation, management and maintenance of electric vehicle charging infrastructure goods and services. This framework has a savings potential of 5%. The Measured Terms Contract and Minor Works (Hard FM) Framework includes work including: reactive painting and decoration; mechanical maintenance, electrical work and building maintenance. This framework offers a potential savings of 5 to 10%. The Medical Gases in Cylinders and Bulk Gases Framework provides NHS SBS customers with a competitive framework for purchasing cylinders containing a variety of medical gases.

The Respiratory Therapy – Equipment and Consumables Framework offers services for; Sleep apnea; asthma and COPD support; smoking cessation; Support products for respiratory therapy, provision of ordering services and home delivery. This framework offers a potential savings of 6%. Our extensive portfolio of framework contracts has been developed to ensure easy access and provide a pathway in line with the NHS and public sector organisations market. NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) framework contracts cover healthcare and business services, including information technology, law, discounts and facilities, as well as business services. Our framework contracts are designed to ensure competitive prices, save money and improve efficiency. Customers have the option to go directly to a frame or conduct a mini-contest, allowing for greater flexibility. Frameworks offer a compliant path to market, which creates trust and offers a wide choice of vendors and excellent geographic coverage. The frames are easy to access and use.

Specialist category teams are able to provide additional support if you need help developing specifications, organizing mini-competitions, and analyzing data to identify opportunities for cost reduction. Whatever buying support you need, we have flexible options for you. This framework provides a compliant way to get to market for all travel management, expense management, and workspace optimization requirements. . . .

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