Strategic Engagement Agreements

While most AES is between provincial and federal governments and the Indigenous community, we encourage communities, cities and communities to strategically position themselves for strategic engagement with Canada`s Indigenous community. Five specific requests for action and four general requests for action from the TRC are addressed directly to the municipalities, cities and municipalities of Canada! The engagement strategy we propose creates an environment of inclusion that has never existed before. Together and in an inclusive environment, we can work together to advance our respective economic agendas in a respectful, open, principled, pragmatic and collaborative manner AES with First Nations aims to encourage positive and respectful government to build government relations and promote B.C`s investment climate. These agreements are used by the government to support the objectives of the new relationship and the transformation change agreement. Tobacco Plains Indian Band Development Corporation manages the following properties, such as campgrounds and motorhome areas: Big Springs, Ayes Ranch, Dorr Road. He also manages another property, Edwards Lake, than a series of lease lots. The properties are located on the traditional territory of the Ktunxa Nation. Tobacco Plains First Nation is a party to several agreements with the province on economic and local development, strategic engagement and forest council, and revenue participation. For First Nations, SAs can contribute, through the contracting process, to creating decision support mechanisms in a treaty environment. The Department of Community and Economic Development works to strengthen the Tobacco Plains Indian Band, our members and our community by developing an economy that is consistent with our traditions and values and the achievement of our conservation and employment goals. Tobacco Plains operates tobacco Plains Development Corporation, which is primarily a property management company. The following First Nations have strategic agreements: Strategic Agreements (SAAs) establish mutually agreed consultation and adaptation procedures. The Tobacco Plains Indian Band is located in Grasmere, near the Roosville border crossing.

We are part of the Ktunaxa Nation. The year 2019-2020 will consist of concluding the Enabling Agreement, continuing the meetings between the three nations and the Province of BC, and continuing the commitment of the Community and leaders. .

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