Use Of Agreeance Or Agreement

Using Agreeance for Agreement is probably the linguistic equivalent of using a half-moon key instead of a combined key or key. You can do it, but it always leaves a bit of damage. If you want to use The Agreeance, well it doesn`t matter, but at least be aware that the old robust agreement is in the toolbox. We`re almost done accepting, and then a fucking Redneck must have confused “deal” with “acceptance,” and we`re right where we started. *facepalm* The meaning of the article is not to say, “Do not use abstract substantive Agreeance.” English is blessed with a plethora of riches, but if what you meant was a deal and you used approval because it sounded like what you wanted, but you didn`t know anything about the deal, then that`s something English users need to be aware of. That is an interesting question. Although the word “agreeance” is synonymous with “agreement” in some dictionaries, it appears in the list of errors in the book “Common Errors in English Usage”: (obsolete) A state in which two parties share a point of view or opinion; It is an agreement. “The results of my experiment are consistent with Michelson`s and with the law of general relativity.” 1714 Milbourne Traitor`s Reward 19 – According to God`s laws. the act of consent; = consistency in many of their meanings. Interesting – I`ve never heard the word consent, but I wonder if it still means the same as consent (not that most users know or would take care of it). Have convergence and convergence always meant exactly the same thing? After all, feelings and sensitivity don`t, do they? Is it possible that history is peppered with agreements that were not agreements? 1559 at Strype`s Ann. I. i.

App. xvi, ― The diversity of our fasting becomes all the more the convergence of our faith. I don`t think “consent” is a universally accepted word. That`s not to say it`s not used in certain settings or regions, but I don`t remember ever hearing or reading it, and it seems strange to me. I would never use it myself. When you say “people in my area,” are you talking about a specific geographic area or job or discipline? I am curious to see this group using that word. One of the strangest abstract names that has appeared in recent times is the word consent, because it is “I agree with this position”. A name is a person, a place or a thing. An abstract name is a concept. You can`t see, touch, smell, taste or hear a chord like that, you see a truck, you hear a noise, you taste a sandwich or you smell the smoke. .

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