Data Storage

At the end of the season, it is essential to store your high-quality data for future application to management decisions.  National databases are available at the NOC to upload and store AIM data.  It’s also important to evaluate your monitoring efforts in order to support and improve future monitoring.  Together, data management and project evaluation ensure that all of the field season’s hard work translates into useful information.


TerrADat is an enterprise database via Microsoft® SQL Server and stores all national BLM monitoring data collected using the AIM Strategy. TerrADat stands for the Terrestrial AIM Database and is housed at the National Operations Center. Currently, TerrADat is served out to Department of the Interior (DOI) employees via an ArcGIS feature service and will be available to the public in the near future via the BLM’s Landscape Approach Geoportal.

For specific TerrADat or terrestrial AIM data questions please contact our AIM Data Manager, Sarah Burnett (

If you are a DOI employee, please consult the TerrADat Instruction Manual (PDF) to learn how to connect to the TerrADat feature service.


AquADat stands for Aquatic AIM Database and is currently in the beginning stages of development. If you have questions about any aquatics AIM data, please contact the AIM Aquatics Lead, Scott Miller (

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